Boston, Massachusetts

Real life is when Mamas text you the morning of a baby shoot that their husband, their kind and only meaning to be thoughtful husband, decided that would be the morning of all mornings they surprise you and let you sleep in, the same morning you and your little fam are supposed to be ready to go for a photo shoot. “Boys” the text read. Real life is wet hair and laughs and people wondering “is my kid really going to cooperate for glam shots?!”. That’s why I love what I do because it so isn’t perfect but it always works. It’s totally real life, the good the cute, the running late and the poop. It was a pleasure to meet little Miss Gracie James and document her wiggly and blue eyed peanut self at six weeks with her Mama’s eyes and her Dad’s demeanor. It was a fun and fuss free morning that started with some Dunkin Donuts and ended with a snoozing babe in a basket (and some more munchkins).

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