Black Rock, Connecticut

This guy is a happy guy. Squishy and happy, a pretty unbeatable/unavoidably edible combo. I kind of love getting to a shoot while people are still getting ready because squeaky clean and fresh bathed and crazy haired babes are pretty irresistible, in my book, perhaps not in yours, but you should probably try out a new book if that’s the case. Mr. Parker Thomas is one cheeky little guy at 9 months and strolling to the beach with his mom and dad for a morning hang was not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. Nice to meet you little man, stay happy, stay bright-eyed!

© Taylor Lenci Photography. All rights reserved.


This makes my heart melt :). So stinking cute!

Taylor! Great job- Parker is the cutest!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely beautiful photos!! Parker couldn’t be a happier boy and these pictures capture this perfectly!

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