Montclair, New Jersey

We celebrate things because things aren’t always easy to accomplish right? Like aging, getting from 5 to 6 or 55 to 56 sometimes isn’t that easy right but it’s an accomplishment when you get there. A bumped chin over a bike spill or a huge heartbreak may happen en route to that next year but we get there hence why we do the whole birthday candle blowing out tradition, friends gather thing. That’s why celebrating love, years of love, forty-five (FORTY-FIVE!) years of married love is a big, emotional, empowering deal. Celebrating maturing, tested, family founding and promised love is a big deal. Thank you to the parents of the Polton clan, Bobbie and Richard, for exemplifying that long lasting goodness to the rest of us and for allowing me to take part in celebrating you along with your bright and lovely friends and family. You set a high bar and know how to make us love inspired and a style bar, for that green floral retro bridal gown is one that is in a league of it’s own. It’s pretty neat each of your girl’s wore/will wear a piece of that sewn in their own dress. Pass that love on down. Here’s to the next forty-five!

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