Stamford, Connecticut

Family Centers is a non-profit in Stamford and when they reached out about the possibility of being involved in a picnic promoting familial togetherness and community in their neighborhood I was happy to take part. Nothing like a little professional family/kiddo photo shoot, some good authentic Creole food, free Play-Doh and leisurely weekend hangin to lure people out of their homes. I love meeting families and seeing the pride they take in each other. Family who are family by blood and friends who are family by life-long devotedness. The pride, the stuff that is felt so surely but never really said but so explicitly seen when you hear a proud mama gloat about her son’s recent middle school graduation or that little party dress they picked out for picture day for their baby girl. When the camera comes out the people that you love and are loved by do too and it reminds me all over again of why photography matters.

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