North America Jet Team Tour // New York, New York

The Breitling Jet Team, supported by the Swiss watch company Breitling, arrived state-side for the first time this year to embark on their first ever American Tour flying over landmarks like Lady Liberty herself and The World Trade Center, kicking off their twenty show tour across the U.S. and Canada. The team has toured over 36 countries but never the U.S. and in honor of their arrival here there was a greeting party at the Breitling Boutique with sponsors and avid supporters. Supporting the team is retired astronaut Mark Kelly, retired American football quarterback Boomer Esiason and American professional golfer Morgan Hoffman and some super excited fans, including two little aspiring pilot boys that couldn’t help but hug their long-time idols. (I would 100% have hugged Mia Hamm if I had the chance when I was eight. 200% would have.) Happy touring to this crew who aims to thrill aviation onlookers and inspire pilots around the world.

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