The Hopkins Inn Warren, Connecticut

This girl was born for bridal. She radiates it with ease. You wouldn’t know from her oh so girly ways and Kate Spade loving self that her alarm to wake us up for basketball tournaments in our teenage days was to hard-core (the hardest core) rap. It was truly an honor to shower this bride alongside SO many women who see her good-hearted, well-natured, wide-smiled and genuine-i-want/need-to-hug-you-again self so clearly. Watching her and her mama tear up at every hug, every present and every acknowledgement that this, her only and best baby girl is getting married was something special. They are a good combo those two. Thanks for inviting me along Meliss, you are truly glowing with big time, heart eyed love. And Hopkins Inn, you are pretty pretty too, but sorry, the bride still wins.

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