New York, New York

Little James Griffin is the newest kiddo on our block and so far he seems to be a pretty good addition. I don’t think his parents could have fathomed how much they love all of his tiny self so much already. He has had the privilege of not only getting the love of his two parents but his grandparents as well as they are in town and getting some quality bonding time, at all hours of the day/night, because who doesn’t want to keep bonding?! So much to learn about each other! At just nine days old his Mama can already tell outdoors is where he is happiest, calm and content, so outside we went! So fun to hang with this new gang who is just happy to be. Welcome to the neighborhood sweet baby James! You will be on your scooter with the rest of them in no time.

© Taylor Lenci Photography. All rights reserved.


I love these!! Sooooo many favorites! You are talented. And they are gooooood lookin!!!

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