Fairfield, Connecticut

These guys enjoyed their wedding day. From the very beginning of talking and planning out their wedding with them they knew they wanted to keep formalities to a minimum and maximize time with friends and family, lots of family. So that’s exactly what they did. He had her only brother as his only groomsman and she had his only sister as her only bridesmaid and it was super sweet to watch the intimacies of the family unite as the day unfolded. The day started at the family farm house Bri grew up in on Burr Street, where generations of Burr brides before her looked into the same mirror and ended with a beautiful ceremony and lots and lots (and lots) of dancing at the Burr Homestead in Fairfield. Did I mention her middle name is also Burr? It was a day of significance, relaxed celebration, corn hole, a one of a kind frost gown with a mother-in-law made headpiece to match, a speechless groom at first sight, speckled streaming summer light and boogying topped with Bri and Ryan’s pure excitement to be married made the day so true and good. They ended their ceremony by reciting E.E. Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart” to each other and danced every drop of the night away. Congratulations Bri & Ryan!

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really wonderful.The bride and her groom seem to be having a great time.Looking perfect

Elizabeth Johnson

So beautiful! Love you, Bri and Ryan!!

Thank you for sharing! I wish I where there.!

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