Washington, D.C.

All the Pinterest/DIY dreams came true this past weekend and if we’re being real, attaining Pinterest/DIY status is not the easiest (because it always looks prettier and says it’s easier than done, for real) but this weekend, it happened, and then some. Natalia and Anthony (and their crew..looking at you, bridesmaids) truly poured their homemade hard working good love into this wedding and it worked, gorgeously. The bride and groom started their day taking in the beauty of their neighborhood Meridian Hill Park pre-gaming the big game with a little soccer because why not?! Their friends gathered for a ceremony at their dear friend’s home, a home that Natalia and Anthony helped rip up carpets and floor boards years ago, and guests shared blankets and pillows, lounged and listened to speeches before heading to the local bar for some dancing later in the night. Her Armenian family and his Welsh family traveled near and far to take part in witnessing and celebrating this union of love and it was super fun to take part and capture this confetti filled, multilingual, one of a kind day in DC! Congrats Natalia & Anthony!

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