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Witnessing a life come into this world is something crazy amazing. Witnessing all the love, the 42 hours of patience, endurance, trust, family, truth, tired eyes and inspiration is something crazy amazing. It was sunrises and sunsets of navigating the unknown and anticipated and agonized hope in meeting a little life and witnessing the highest labor of love. Far from glamour yet the epitome of hard raw beauty. And at 1:14pm on Saturday September 5th we met a little baby girl, Naomi Simone Gourrier, a true chubby cheeked little doll that has forever re-worked my heart once again. I’ve always thought being a Mom was semi synonymous to being a warrior but that hard truth has been engrained in me forever. Women are fierce. And attentive, generous and ever present, heart holding husbands are sweet. Naomi Simone, you are one lucky little peach, there are so many people ready to love you up and I am forever grateful to be one of them. Being invited along to document you greeting us is an invitation hard to top and you have shown me what being fearfully and wonderfully made is all about my little one. Welcome Baby Nae, I really do love you (and your Mama and Papa and allll the Grandparents) so.

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Heather big cousin Diva

I balled.

Dear cousin, cousin in law and baby 2nd cousin. I literally cried seeing these precious photos. What a true blessing to be surrounded and engulfed in so much love and support. I’m so happy for you two. Love yall ♡

I’m so very grateful to have had the opportunity to view this. Tear of joy, overwhelming happiness and total excitement. Frankie, Laurel, I have no doubt you’ll be the most amazing parents!!! Much love to all three of you!!!

So awesome! Of course there were so many tears. So beautiful! I’m just lost for words right now. Can’t wait to meet that precious bundle of joy. congrats again Laurel and Frankie! Love Y’all !

So beautiful! Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

What an extraordinarily well done array of photos, capturing every step of Naomi’s birth. As one advances to each new photo, love grows for this couple and supportive family. If one has been through this process, they cannot deny their own feelings of exhaustion and discomfort brilliantly displayed before Naomi’s birth. Nor can anyone deny the exhilaration of new life. Laurel’s and Frankie’s expressions captured it all. This display is perfectly timed as we await the birth of our son’s baby boy. His wife is in labor now. Blessings galore. Thank you!

I have never seen anything so beauti-ful-of-LOVE in my life! And, I just stood as a 1st-time GrandMother witness 16 months ago. You have truly set a precedent with this tribute! CONGRATULATIONS & ENJOY beautiful Naomi!

Mary Sanchez (mama Sanch)

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful memory to cherish forever

Heart-stoppingly beautiful! Naomi Simone hit the parent and family (and extended family) jackpot. I can see she is more than ready for the ride. Sending so much love I cannot wait to hug you and hold this precious child. Gambier soon, yes?

Deborah Gonzales -Trimble

Very beautiful cousin. I especially loved the black and white photo of you right behind your wife comforting her. I love your love. Congratulations on your new addition to your family.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments with us, your friends. Laurel, you have just taken the first steps on the journey called motherhood. You have only just begun to experience what will be the wildest and wonderful-est ride! Hang on!

Amazingly beautiful. I’m in awe. Welcome Naomi. Congratulations mommy and daddy.

Bought tears to my eyes. Congratulations! !!

Assunta Gourrier-Jackson

Never in my 63 years of living have I seen a both story told with so much grit, love, patience and pain. This made me cry with joy to see my nephew and his wife along with the Grandparents display such love. God Bless You All. Auntie Sunta

Beautiful. Amazing. Beautiful. Perfect. Blessed.

This brought tears to my eyes, just beautiful.
Gayle L.

Love, love and more love. What an amazing job you did of capturing this amazing birth of little Naomi Simone. Our first grandchild. Story so beautifully told and the pictures are truly captivating. We are so blessed that you were able to witness and be a part of this little bundle of joy’s journey into the world. I smile in amazement because it was indeed truly a labor of love. Blessing Nana and Poppa Stokes

This is so amazing I can’t even believe it! So beautifully done and such an incredible story told/shown

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