Aton, New Hampshire

This is my girl, Micah. She has been cheerleading me on for all the time I’ve known her. During our teenage days she never, never stopped snapping pictures, “you’ll love it later” she’d say/screech, which she was 100% right every dang time. Even if we all eye-rolled and grumbled the heck out of her pleady request. Sometimes stopping to pose for a picture or break the moment is not what you want to do – but you do, you always do love it later and are appreciative for the keepsake. She’s expecting her first baby bundle in November and we stopped to love the moment now. We picked wildflowers in the drizzly rain and crafted a crown for this excited and expecting Mama-to-be and danced around those New Hampshire scapes, just like we did when we were 16, except with a baby belly in tow. Later the whole family (two pups/the true firstborns of the Sicard family) welcomed the first of the fresh Fall air and snapped a few photos as a family of four and a half. Baby Sicard, I will always cheer you on and love ya now and later, just like your Mama has taught me.

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I’ve told you before Tay, but these pictures confirm it: Micaeleen is BEAUTIFUL! Your pictures always tell a beautiful story. Nice work, girl.

Michaeleen – these pictures are beautiful! I wish you guys all the best as you wait for your little bundle of love! I can’t wait to meet the little man or little lady! You are blessed!

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