Fairfield, Connecticut

There’s a lot of joy that comes with hanging with the de Calice family. Partly due to my huge bias towards my very own super awesome childhood babysitter as the lead matriarch of this pack, partly because their Italian father and his Italian dog commands make me smile and partly (mostly) because they just make a great little club of people. We took advantage of one of those ever fleeting in-between the seasons perfect evenings, where summer is just about out the door and that gorgeous autumn tinge is just beginning, where the air just feels good. The non sweaty but also non coat needing air (the hallelujah air). We spent some time at their house where Carolina and Luca took turns driving their Dad’s car, because you are actually on top of the world and may as well be made of gold when you get to “drive” on dad’s lap as a kid – or at least that’s how I very much felt. We ended down by the beach, checking out low tide with George, the beloved bulldog, very much included. An annual family session with the de Calices is in the books for now until forever.

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