Mount Gilead, Ohio

She was the fearless bring-on-the-heights high ropes instructor and he was the willing but cautious counterpart and right here on this high ropes course is where their love story started. Flying Horse Farms, a camp for children with serious illness and their families, a magical oasis for those battling mightily, is where Tess quickly stole David’s attention and where he would later drop to a knee taking her entirely by surprise. It was evident how very special this place has become to both of their hearts as they showed me around these sacred grounds, testing out some of the course, skipping rocks and wandering the woods. Waking up with the Ohio sun coupled with Tess and David’s playful adoration for each other made for a well worth visit to Flying Horse Farms. The camp and the couple clearly have a good thing going, and to think it is only the beginning for both!

© Taylor Lenci Photography. All rights reserved.

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