Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Waking up last Saturday to take part in Paul’s proposal plan felt like Christmas morning – which is not an analogy I use flippantly at all (Christmas fever forever). A few years ago, Maddie and Paul were put on gate duty, the job on incoming day at Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run for the people who can easily exude the “don’t be scared of camp, look how fun and nice and totally awesome but not intimidating people we are” warmth, giving smiles to carloads of incoming kids/nervous parents. This job only assigned to a certain breed – a Maddie and Paul breed. He had the sign at the front gate of camp transported down from New Hampshire to recreate the scene and a few bottles of chocolate milk and breakfast sandwiches at the ready. Maddie had no idea her then boyfriend had taken a red-eye from California to show up in her hometown at Tod’s Point (the spot his future in-laws got engaged as well, which was totally unbeknownst history to all until after the engagement, so cool coincidence for the win/snaps for Paul) and drop to a knee catching her mid-run. The Cron family showed up with more hugs and jubilation and it was very clear they 200% endorse the union of these two and the addition of Paul to their family.  Maddie has always radiated big exciting love and an inclusive spirit and it has been super sweet to watch her find her match and assurance in Paul. Big energy coming from the Maddie Paul combo. Congrats, you two! You are loved greatly and your fan club runs deep.

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Taylor you captured the magic of pure joy. These are incredible and true treasure.

I love these two! What a wonderful match. We are soooooo happy for you!

There is so much to love about this! Congrats and love!

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