Darien, Connecticut

You know when you can sense someone’s excitement and genuine nature via email and phone (which is impressive in and of itself) and then you meet them in person and it’s even tenfold? That is what it has been like getting to know Megan and Willie as they plan for their wedding in November. We met on a quiet beach, walked the rocks and talked about their wedding and story as the sun set on a spring-like February evening. These two have been together since high-school (high-school!) and will be tying the knot in their hometown in a few months. Willie did not hesitate to tell me that his bride-to-be did in fact win “best smile” in high school, which is a superlative I would grant both of them after an hour of non-stop unprompted beaming. These two find joy just in each other’s presence alone and it is clear they are passionate about their upcoming abiding promises. I can’t wait to document the beginning of their lives together come November. Congrats Megan and Willie!

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