Central Park, New York

It was just another normal February day in Central Park. Lies. It was 60 degrees, sunny and a proposal was brewing. It was far from typical. Another trip to the beloved waffle truck and walk in the park on a Sunday? Totally routine to Julie. Routine until Kevin casually dropped to a knee taking her entirely by surprise with something even sweeter than a Belgian waffle. Julie spilled over with unfiltered feeling on the spot and answered his ask with joyful tears and hugs on hugs on hugs. Passerbys clapping, dogs walking, tourists gaping. All of that out skirted by a genuine moment of that good disbelief and unprecedented amazement. You nailed it, Kev. Taking home the ultimate victory on game day when it’s your person you’ve won ties to for the rest of your life. These guys are good guys. So excited for you, Julie and Kevin!

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