Alton, New Hampshire

Last trip to New Hampshire in the early fall entailed a flower crown, a baby bump and two expecting parents (and pups) (Michaeleen’s maternity session here). Returning to the Sicard’s cozy home this winter I was greeted by the newest addition, Sadie Marie. Coming into this world ten days earlier than expected, too eager to wait any longer to greet her big sib pups and take in those mountain mornings. There is something so crisp about the air up there and I am glad Sadie and her smile are here to soak it in. We took it slow and went about the days as friends do, now just with a new little wide-eyed 4 month girlfriend to share in love. Singing the same songs we did at 16, but now to her, missing the same notes and screwing up the same words. It is clear she is welcomed and loved by all members of the Sicard household and it’s looking as though she will have a built in security system of two already protective hounds. Welcome, Sadie Marie. We are filled with joy that you are here with us.

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