The High Line, New York

Many flock to New York City’s The High Line to walk the elevated park that runs along the no longer used New York Central Railroad and to take in the views of the city. Being that it is right in Mark and Emily’s neighborhood, they thought it would be nice to visit their local spot before heading to dinner to celebrate Emily’s Dad’s upcoming birthday. She thought, “he’s putting on a blazer? Okay Mr. Fancy, I will put on heels.” And so off hey went to The High Line. Once there he handed her a letter and dropped to a knee, asking her to be his bride. Not only did he surprise Emily but her onlooking mother as well. Both were completely blown away. Double surprise, double win. With both families they headed to a nearby restaurant, but not before walking a bit, pointing to their apartment building and hugging in front of a building Mark’s company designed. We arrived at Pepe Giallo to a completely decked out table with pictures of the newly engaged. Emily was stunned once again by her thoughtful groom. It was a happy day on The High Line. Congratulations Emily and Mark!

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