Moultonborough, New Hampshire

I’d say your marriage is off to a pretty great start when it begins with a lot of rain and zero hesitation, complaint, flinch or mention of it’s potential damper (pun intended) on your day. That was Sara and Todd and all their entourage; happy, a little soggy and high spirited. Sara and Todd got married at Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire among the lush and dewy mountains. The vows went on as the grey skies sprinkled down making for a romantic, mystical ceremony, quite literally in the clouds. Also, rain isn’t so bad when you have a veil umbrella and a forever kiss-mate like your soulmate, right? . There was a little mud, a lot of kiddos, a few cakes and a horse drawn carriage to take the Hamptons for their first ride as husband and wife. These two faithful and excited people were just thankful to be surrounded by those they love, in the mountains they well know and celebrate. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hampton!

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Pure Joy! Both on your faces that day and my face looking at the pictures today. Congrats!

Mary Lou Hoffman Solomon

Not sure I have ever seen a more beautiful, glowing, precious bride. So happy for you and your groom, Sarah. Wishing you every blessing and all the love there is.

Your "Auntie Lou"
(Mary Lou Hoffman Solomon–Lee’s, Travis’, and Aaron’s aunt who used to see you all the time at The Master’s School.)

So beautiful and each photo made me smile. So happy for you both and the love you to share is felt. Congratulations.

Absolutely stunning! Amidst the rain and fog, it is very apparent that there is an abundance of love amongst the two. Congratulations! 🙂

These are not just beautiful, they are magical and full of joy and love. So very happy for the whole family. Congratulations and wishes for a lifetime of love.
Nancy Brant

Beautiful!!!!! All of it!!! Everything!!! Especially the bride!!!

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