College Grove, Tennesee

If you drive a little bit outside of Nashville you will reach a white farm house, with a big front porch and a few little red headed kiddos ready to greet you with rosy cheeked smiles and offers to join in on coloring and backyard exploring. It was a shimmery southern evening spent with five and a half Watsons just doing as they do: yard playing, nook reading and pre-bed bathing. Pizazz-filled and freckle faced Lillian and eager-eyed Henry showed me how to take care of the chickens and jump high on the trampoline and Mabel showed me just how well an independent squeeze worthy girl can keep up. There is definitely a good thing going on in this spirited and full house in Tennessee and I can only imagine what the addition of one more wee Watson will bring. Can’t wait to meet you little one. Thank you for having me, Watson family, and smelling sweetly of that familiar family affection in the warm summertime. Your home is a good one.

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I seriously seriously do not know a better looking, more amazing family. Like there isn’t one. These pics are phenomenal. And dang Molly…you make pregnancy look amazing!!!!

I am in tears Taylor! you captured such beautiful moments in every day action for us and I am immensely grateful!!!! I love you!!!

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