Abby and Murat have that unmistakable connection. The kind of connection everyone around them can feel. There is gratitude and respect for one another that can be seen in the way they look into one another, valuing what lies within.  A love story that started in Turkey, blossoming between America and back, it was a union of cultures and languages. This home grown wedding took place at Abby’s family farm home in Vermont where there was good beer and golden people. I have never seen a groom as giddy as Murat upon seeing his bride for the first time, a giddiness that did not subside. In response to such a full celebration Abby wrote, “Amidst all of the uncertainty and scariness in the world right now, thanks to the energy, skills and warmth of love of the people we love all coming together to be with us, this weekend was a weekend of hope, certainty and beauty.” Where there is good love there is hope. Where there is cross-cultural peace there is beauty. Where there is a giddy groom and glowy bride there is love. Congratulations Abby + Murat. Tebrik Ederiz! Dünyadaki tüm mutluluklar üzerinizde olsun.

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I loved seeing all of your beautiful photos. So sorry to have missed it. Congratulations!

Dear Taylor;
You did a wonderful job! All the photos are touching to our hearts…

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