We should have known that when two red heads wed it’s going to make for a triple digit fiery wedding day. Emily and Matt matched that late summer heat with their blazing locks and excitement. We kicked off documenting their love with a canoe engagement session last August and met this August in a forest for their first look. In anticipation of his bride walking towards him for the first time Matt asked me if I had a tissue (which I assumed was for the sweat beads as they were rolling down my own face) and he said, “No, for my tears that I know will come.” That tenderness was carried through the ceremony where they both washed each other’s feet and through the end of the night as they walked among the flaming skies at sundown. Fitting right? Congratulations Emily and Matt!

A big thank you to Joel Nsadha for shooting part of this day with me.

© Taylor Lenci Photography LLC. All rights reserved.


Taylor! Thank you for your wonderful work. I couldn’t have imagined a better person to capture Matt and Emily’s wedding day. Not only did you create gorgeous images, but you were incredibly fun to work with.

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