Warwick Farms, Ohio

I pulled into Warwick Farms and was greeted with lush flowers spilling over the grounds every which way, ducklings, chickens and some cows who knew how to draw you in to a staring contest. The home grown feel of the day was set by the beautiful rustic surroundings and wildflowers Brigid picked and prepared herself that morning. As dusk fell, Ohio’s own Graeter’s truck pulled right up next the dance floor and Brigid and Carson shared their first scoop as husband and wife. No better way to cool off from dancing and lawn games on a toasty July evening. The night ended with a very melted (and best ever) black raspberry ice cream cone in one hand, impromptu sparklers, sheep chasing, and pastel painted skies all around us. Congrats Brigid + Carson!


Venue: The Rural Society at Warwick Farms, Dessert: Graeter’s Ice Cream Truck Dress, BHLDN



Tay! It was so great to see you at the wedding & catch up! The photos you took are beautiful and you make Brigid look like the total bombshell she is!!!

Case!! Thanks homegirl! It was so so fun to see you, boogie, eat some killer ‘scream and celebrate beauteous Brig with you! Let’s not wait another 5 years to reunite again : )

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