New York, New York

The day Annamaria and Tim got married was magical. The forecast showed snow all day and that it did. There was not a care for frozen toes or snow stained dresses and everything that could have been viewed as an hurdle or hassle was viewed as love struck luck by these two. Right before we left for the church, Annamaria and I were alone in a big mahogany library and I stepped back to grab her silhouette by the window. A tear fell down her cheek as she gazed at the blizzard swirling outside as the grandness, the unique beauty and the silence of it all sunk in. The rest of the day was spent sloshing and slipping through the snowy streets in complete euphoric bliss. Tim picked up his bride any chance he got and plowed through the sidewalks and streets like he was born to. We were one with the whiteout and we laughed a lot. Congrats on one year, you two!


A big thanks to Kristyn Miller Photography for assisting me on this one AND being my personal traffic controller amidst a blizzard in NYC. A job that not anyone can pull off with such success : )

Church: St. Ignatius Loyola Venue: The New York Athletic Club

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