Fairfield, Connecticut

The day that Sophie and Travis eloped turned out to be the first real, not freezing, sun actually shining day of Spring. I walked into their beach house to see Sophie and their baby girl Sloane dressed and ready to rock. Sophie’s mom had set up a little lobster dinner for the two of them to enjoy after they got married, we had a quick cheers and headed out the door. Like everyone that day, the college kids next door were outside celebrating the long awaited sunshine and got 200 percent pumped upon seeing the bride. They changed their music playlist to every wedding song imaginable and hooted and hollered from next door. Sophie went out on the jetty to meet her sailor at the very spot where he grew up fishing and learning the tides. They exchanged vows with a few friends, the salty winds and setting sun as their witnesses. Sophie kept saying that she was the happiest human alive and it was true. We walked around the rocks as they kept singing to and kissing and loving on their beautiful baby girl and each other. There was so much joy and pride in their little family. We walked back inland to find the college kids rallying for their return, lined up with champagne and rice and all their enthusiasm and the best impromptu party followed. The day ended with sharing champagne and stories in their kitchen with a few of their friends after Sophie nursed Sloane to sleep. It was a really really happy day. Congrats, Sophie, Travis and baby Sloane!




Thank you thank you!! It was such a beautiful (and fun!!) day!!

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