New York, New York

Alicia and Wei touched down after traveling all the way from Australia and a few hours later we were traipsing around New York, in the scorching Summer sun and I am pretty sure they were the happiest humans in the entire city. Humidity high, attitudes and excitement levels higher. Wei is an amazing photographer himself based in Melbourne and when he reached out about having a session for him and his wife while they visited New York for the first time I was totally in. Thankfully, they changed their travel plans around a bit to make it work and pretty soon these two strangers across the globe felt like old friends. It really felt like watching kids on Christmas morning watching them see New York sights, pointing and genuinely gasping at every turn. It was Alicia’s first time in America and Wei’s first time in New York – a dream of theirs for a long long time, ever since their love blossomed yearsss ago in Malaysia. We ran around, I sweat a lot, they smiled a ton and we ended our adventure by sharing a pepperoni pizza on a rooftop. Because part of welcoming people to this city is giving them some of the best greasy carbs we have to offer. Only being a good host.  See you guys on your side of the world next time ; )



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