Greenwich, Connecticut

It was a sunny February day. The guys were shooting, the girls were prepping and there was a beautiful unspoken but understood importance behind every minute of celebrating Grace and Vietor. Their friends came together for revelry and joy – just as they both wanted and planned. Vietor told me his bride was in fact an angel, and kept an awe-filled gaze at her the entire day and Grace saying she was the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by him. They exchanged more kisses, quiet lean-ins and soft moments than I could capture. Snow came down in blankets, trapping cars, but no one cared. Everyone kept dancing. At the end of the night Grace surprised her new husband by changing into matching plaid pants and his face lit up, once again in awe of his bride.


Grace’s dad shared an essay Grace wrote in fifth grade as part of his speech. The essay was a reflection of a quote asking about the meaning of life. Grace wrote, “Your heart is always going to tell you what to do. Even if it is not the easy option, or rather it being handed to you. Follow your heart, even when people try to steer you down a different road, do what you think is right. The meaning of life can be found in anything – from searching for the important things within yourself, following your heart and love.” And follow her heart, she did, without question.


Vietor passed away twelve days after he married his beautiful wife. But he left no greater testimony than proving sickness cannot stop love, laughter and a dance party. Sometimes the fragility, quickness and outright unfairness of life can be overwhelming – but just as overwhelming is the boundless love, committed fight and faithful pledge to honor what is good amidst it all. And that they did. Grace and Vietor – it was an absolute privilege to witness the strength and raw tenderness that was and will forever be your love story.



Dress: John Paul Ataker Hair/Makeup: Le Boudoir Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique Band: The Sultans, Planning + Coordination: Meghan Elizabeth Events Venue:Round Hill Club

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