Flüeli Ranft, Switzerland

I showed up to Switzerland strangers to Bianca + Donnie. That quickly changed. We took a little pre-rehearsal dinner run/hike/scale through the Swiss hills on a rainy afternoon and a few minutes in, I knew exactly who these adventurous, fun-loving, kind, inclusive and radiant spirits were. I could barely keep up but I knew I was in the right place with the right people. Bianca changed out of her wet running shorts and into her mother’s wedding dress for her rehearsal dinner later that night. Her mother passed away a few weeks prior but the beautiful dress was handmade by her grandma who was present and oh so proud.

On the wedding day we trekked through the tiny village and up the cobblestone steps to the tiny church that sits on overlooking the green valley below speckled with chalets and flowers. The church bells rang. We ran through the fields. Picked flowers. Slipped down the slopey hillsides. Drank aperol spritzs. Tried to emulate the guttural Swiss accent. Dipped our toes in the river. Danced. Ate affogato. Watched the light dance over the alps. We celebrated and appreciated the sheer beauty and deep breath that is Switzerland. The scenery and setting are so strikingly stunning but what I hope is just as obvious is the overflowing amount of energy and celebration these two have swirling around them. It felt so full and it was such a pleasure, you two. Thanks for giving me something to constantly day-dream about. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Congrats congrats congrats.

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