Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you have ever heard the song “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin – that is what this day epitomized. It was a sweet harmony among the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming. Anne and Jim and their gaggle of grandchildren rocked their cowboy/girl boots and brought all the sunshine. They got ready at home, got married in a sweet little chapel (with a backdrop that looked like a legit Dell screensaver), the grandkids sang and ran outside to ring the bell with ribbons. And while they would say the kiddos stole the show – everyone present knows their selfless, strong, steadfast leadership of love led by miles. The day felt playful, breathable, light but also full of meaning and moxie. Everyone danced and threw cornhole bags until it was dark yet you could still make out the ridge of the mountains by moonlight. It isn’t every day you get to shoot a wedding on a Wednesday in Wyoming of two wonderful people you so wow-ably revere. Congrats, Anne + Jim — we all look up to you (and the Tetons) in awe and admiration.


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