New York, New York

I met Brett at a photography workshop about five years ago. Brett is a fellow (and super talented) photographer and at the time we met she was single but said, “Hey Taylor — when the time comes and I meet my man I want YOU to take our pics!” and I said, “Done and done”. Well, fast forward five years later and here we are. Souley became Brett’s neighbor, they walked by eachother’s houses one too many times, invited each other over for neighborhood BBQs and bam, engaged. They flew to NYC for the day to runaround in the rain with me and celebrate their love. It was a chilly, straight, constant downpour the entire time we were together but they didn’t care at all. Part because Brett is a photographer herself and knows you have to make the best of the weather but mostly because these two were just happy to be together. We ran around on a Tuesday morning in December, hair soaked, cameras drenched, hands frozen, toes slushy, hearts happy. This love is fun and I love a good five year later followthrough.

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