Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Jenna and Henry invited me out to the Pacific Northwest to eat fresh bread (Jenna works at a bakery) and adventure through the great outdoors to capture their love and I was ready to go. Jenna gave me tour around town, stopping at their favorite chocolate shop, we loaded up on chocolate and some freshly baked carbs and hit the road to the mountains. We hiked to a waterfall, slipped on a few rocks along the way, they changed outside the car, we ran through winding roads, drove some more, found a purdy lake, ran around some more and as it started to rain they stripped down and went in for a swim. Cause why not? It was a lush, spontaneous, delicious, drizzly, laid back, open aired adventure that felt perfectly fitting for these two. We also ended with margaritas. Bring me back to romp around the PNW capturing people in love any ol day. Stoked for these two to tie the knot next year!


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