New York, New York

Katie and Daniel got engaged on a Monday, she wrote me the most earnest DM on Thursday, we facetimed for a meet and greet on Friday and popped some bubbly at six am sunrise Saturday morning. This is part of what she wrote me :”Our hair is not freshly cut, we don’t have the best outfits, and I have a wedding band instead of the engagement ring he designed but couldn’t be completed before the world shut down. It’s a messy season. But it does matter to document it. I want to remember this sweet season even if it is completely out of our control. Even if it looks nothing like we planned. Our love story has been honest and messy. As a result, we have not had the opportunity to celebrate big in a love story that has been magic and now – we just got engaged during a global pandemic, no photo evidence, no celebration with the people we love most. There is beauty in the quiet mundane celebration between the two of us but I also want to remember. I want to capture it, if possible.” So she said yes first. Then I said yes to this ask. And safely and quickly and 6 ft distantly we celebrated Saturday morning, climbing back up to the rock they got engaged at a few days before, bubbly for breakfast and all. Congrats Katie + Daniel. Thanks for reminding us that things bloom and beauty grows in the midst of it all.

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