Knowing who you are is important to me. So let me share a bit about who I am too.


Taylor here! I am a wedding, couples, family and portrait photographer based out of Southern California. I love the people in my life hard and try my best to make sure they know it. I thrive off of the opportunity to create goodness with my camera which is why I started taking photos in the first place. I want to capture life, your life, doing you – honest, romantic, messy and joyous. I want in on celebrating you.

*Previously located in New York City. Still available for NYC sessions and weddings. Associate located and available in NYC as well.


Being in front of the camera takes vulnerability. Most of us (hi! me too!) are totally awkward and a little hesitant but hey, that’s okay. My approach is to keep it as laid-back as possible with gentle orchestration and guidance for when you don't know what to do with your hands or where to stand. My mission is always to capture the essence of your love and tell your story as naturally and beautifully as possible, including all the in-between moments and littlest nuances that give you a personalized visual history. I am proud of who I get to call friends through this business and so thankful for those who let me in on their journey. I really do mean that.