For Everyone

What is your shooting style?
Do we have rights to our images?
I approach my photography with a documentary style. I try my best to stay out of the way and focus on the people in front of the camera as opposed to stepping in and posing you constantly. I generally view my sessions as conversations and adventures, giving guidance and direction along the way with the aim of capturing what unfolds naturally.
Yes. 100%. These are YOUR memories I want you to have them, print them and smile at them often.  You will have full rights and ownership to all of your images in the gallery I send you and not have to pay in addition for your digital downloads.
Do you shoot other things than what is seen here?
Do you photoshop?
Yep. I shoot all sorts of projects and am always interested in versatility and newness. Email me with your request and I will let you know if I am the right lady for the job.
Nope. My goal is to make you look and feel like the best version of you, not something entirely different. Meaning I don't photoshop or shave/chop off parts of bodies even if they aren't your favorite. My editing is more about enhancing color, skin tone and composition of the photo and keeping it as close to real life as possible, just a little bit richer.    
What are your rates?
Is it okay if we are super awkward in front of the camera?
Good question! Contact me here for my full pricing guide.
Heck yes. Join the club! Most of us feel awkward having their photo taken because most of us don’t have someone following them around with a camera day to day. My promise is to make it as relaxed and comfortable as it can be by reminding you that just being who you are, with your love or your family is perfect. Most people aren’t pumped about having their photo taken and most people are pumped they did after the fact ; )
When will we receive our images?
Do you travel?
Weddings 4-8 weeks   Couples, Families, Portrait 2-4 weeks
Absolutely! Yes! Grab me a ticket and a bed and I'm there.
Will we be featured on your blog?
How do we go ahead and book?
While I do love when people are proud of their images and want them to be shared, I can’t promise to show all of my work on my social media platforms due to the fact that I take a lot of photos and only have so much time and space to share it all.
Wohoo! You can contact me here!

Weddings + Couples

Do you shoot with a second shooter?
How far ahead can we reserve you?
I shoot the majority of my weddings solo. I will bring on a second shooter if the logistics of the wedding day need two sets of hands or if it is a wish from you. I feel comfortable working alone or with a teammate – whichever suits getting the job done best!
Reach out and let me know your date – that’s the start!
Do you have videographer recommendations?
Will you help us with timeline?
NYC Area: KGD Films, Wild Story Group, Native Wedding Films. (Click on name for website)
Of course. If you don’t have a clue what you are doing – that’s okay, and working out the schedule for your day is part of what I do for you. We will work together to piece together a timeline that makes sense.

Families + Newborn

What is the best time for a newborn session?
What if my kids don’t act perfectly?
That is entirely up to you. If you are interested in capturing your baby as fresh and tiny as can be then I would recommend in the first two weeks but it really is based on how recovered and "ready" everyone is feeling. Basically, there is no right/wrong time.
They won't. They shouldn't. They are kids/babies/newborns/teenagers. Know that behind most happy pictures there are usually meltdowns too. That is more than okay as it is real life. There is no need to set unrealistic expectations for yourselves or your families or to be embarrassed if behavior is less than perfect.  I expect the whirlwind and if everyone feels relaxed to simply be themselves it will be great!
Can we include pets?
What about location?
Of course!
I don't work out of a studio so I will come to you or we will decide on a location together. Typically with newborns and families with little ones I will start out in the home and then we will adventure outside for a bit at the end.